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I’m Back!

20 Jun

I’m back!

Whoa, guys. I cannot believe how long of a ‘sabbatical’ I have taken from my journey. Here is a little re-cap of what has been going on…

You see what happened was…

Week 8:
I completed successfully (but just forgot to post about) & I lost 1 more pound! That put me at the 10 pound marker which was a great accomplishment.

Week 9:
This week pretty much got thrown out the window in regards to getting healthy. It was the week before our big trip with lots of “to-do’s”, I had come down with a virus, & I was also hosting a Mother’s Day brunch that weekend… so I could ramble on and on the list of excuses but if you want to know what happened – life happened.

Week 10 & Week 11 (and part of Week 12):
We were on a super exciting trip to JAPAN! We had a wonderful, wonderful time. Although I wasn’t eating a very healthy diet, we were doing TONS of walking (and even hiking). When we got back & I weighed myself, I weighed exactly the same as I did when we left – looks like all the walking and all the eating cancelled each other out! Hey, I’ll take it!

Week 12 & Week 13:
This is where things start to go downhill…. It started off with the excuse of “getting over jetlag” (I’m not sure that it is entirely classified as an excuse, however, because I was exhausted!)…

Then I thought to myself “Self, not only are you exhausted due to jetlag but you are re-entering reality. You need to give yourself a break, let your body recover & then worry about working out and eating healthy”.

And then I said, “Self, there is a tropical storm. It’s raining. You can’t work out in the rain. You can’t eat healthy in the rain – come on, get real!”

& then I said “Self, you are PMSing… you can’t possibly expect to start eating healthy at a time like this! I mean, have you seen how scrumptious that Snickers bar looks?”

Yeah. That happened.

Week 14:
Week 14 started on Wednesday, 6/12. It would have been a great time to re-engage in this effort but, you see, we left to go out of town the next day. Matt was in a (beautiful) wedding in West Palm Beach and we left that Thursday for the festivities.

On the following Monday I thought… “Self, you organize your “getting healthy” weeks from Wednesday to Wednesday… Monday is a terrible time to re-start. Let’s take this opportunity to get in two more days of carbs & sweets in the form of over-consumption… right? riiiiiiiight?”

Week 15:
So that brings me to now….


I have officially fallen off the band-wagon and let’s count it up… I have been on this ‘sabbatical’ almost as long as I have been on this journey. Crap.

Imagine where I would be if I hadn’t taken so much “time off”. And here is the extra bad news… Although I weighed the same when we got back from our trip (in the middle of week 12), these additional weeks of eating poorly and not hiking around Japan have, well, caught up to me. Double crap.

So not only have I missed a chunk of time on this journey (okay, we’re all thinking it – let’s just say it – six. six weeks.), I have also managed to gain back 5 pounds (and I’m sure lost a bit of muscle too). Please say it isn’t so.

So I am entering Week 15 with a loss of only 5 pounds… and just typing out that statement makes me want to forget it. As much as I want to “throw in the towel”, I want to “throw in” these ‘fat pants’ even more – SO, although it feels a lot like starting from the beginning, here we go again! & as much as I really don’t want to be – I’m back!



What I Learned This Weekend

23 Apr

Hi guys!

I have been slacking on my updates this past week but I have a good reason – it was my birthday! & if you know anything about me, you know I LOVE birthdays & you know I require a full week of celebrating!

I will combine my week 5 & week 6 reviews in a post later this week but I wanted to share with you all something I learned about my body this weekend.

Since it was my birthday and since my hubby took me out of town for a long weekend, I decided to “give myself a break” in regards to counting points and exercising (I mean, who wants to work out while they are away on a weekend getaway?). I feel okay about this because I decided it in advance (although this little “break” did last a wee bit longer than intended) and I was careful to pack healthy snacks to take with us (to avoid the munchies). I also only ‘indulged’ about half of the time, being sure to only choose the less-healthy options when I really, really wanted them. In addition to that, I typically only ate half of a meal at any time. Although this will mean I won’t meet my weekly work out goal (a minimum of 4 times a week – I will actually go only once this week – yikes!), it is okay because I had a wonderful time celebrating my old-age! 😉

So what did I learn, you might wonder? A few of things.

1. Greasy food is…Greasy

It turns out I don’t really care for my food to be covered in grease – something I didn’t really notice before I started this journey (almost 6 weeks ago!). You might remember me mentioning that I was craving a burger. Not a nasty drive-thru burger but a good, juicy burger from a restaurant. I resisted time after time because they are high in points and not a very healthy choice.

Thursday for lunch we kicked off my long birthday-weekend by going to lunch. There on the menu I saw a burger with goat cheese and avocado – yum! It was my birthday, after all, so I indulged and ordered it. I was so excited! Out it came – it looked great…. But after a few bites I set it down and pushed my plate away. Gross. It was so greasy.

& the French fries… I LOVE French fries (let’s be honest, I love potatoes in any form) – also greasy. I had two or three and didn’t touch them again.


I thought it might just be the restaurant we were at but I am realizing that isn’t true. A few nights before, I had counted my points just right to allow myself to have tostadas for dinner from TJ Flats. Guess what? They were greasy. And while were away for the weekend, we shared some chips & guacamole and the chips (I think we know where this is going) were also greasy.

It is almost as if my body is hyper-sensitive to greasy foods. Although, at first, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t like the burger I had been craving for weeks… I am realizing that this is actually a good thing. That means I have been avoiding these types of foods for long enough that my body would prefer healthy choices instead! I certainly won’t be ordering a burger, like, ever again.

2. Sweet treats are…Sweet

This is not as strong of an aversion as the greasy foods, but MAN – some of the sweets I used to love are just so, so sweet that I can hardly stand it. For instance, my very favorite drink at Starbucks used to be a white mocha with whip. Don’t look it up – it’s horrible. Over time I have transitioned my go-to drink to a tall, non-fat caramel latte. 4 beautiful points.

When I decided to “treat” myself to my white mocha, I realized that it was…um…disgusting.  I was shocked. It is literally so sweet that I cannot get it down without making a scrunched up face – and cannot even think about drinking more than a sip.

The same is true of other sweet treats – although certainly not all of them as I still have a mega sweet tooth.

3. Healthy choices are…Delicious

Although I had given myself permission to enjoy some of my favorites over the long-weekend, I found that usually 2 out of 3 meals I picked items that are point-friendly – items that I would normally pick on the days that I am focusing on healthy eating.

Why? I found myself afraid to order anything I used to “love” because I was repeatedly disappointed & the healthier choices that I was used to choosing were, well, better. Is your jaw dropping? Mine is. I even said several times over the weekend how much I wanted a salad or some broccoli – as if my body was craving the nutritious veggies it was used to eating.

& while we are at it, some of the portions that restaurants give you are huge! & I used to eat the entire thing! Since I have changed my eating habits, I am realizing that I get full much faster AND I have no desire to eat past that point.

4. Some foods are…Always Good

I think it’s important that I put this disclaimer out here. Although a lot of the foods I thought I would like turned out to be a huge disappointment after eating healthier for these last 6 weeks, other foods are STILL delicious. Like pizza from Lazy Moon (a favorite Orlando pizza-place). It’s delicious and it always will be. Like the pumpkin bread from Starbucks – again, delicious.



SO – in a nutshell, what I learned is that as my body is getting healthier – I am preferring healthier options. & although there will always be those foods that I love no matter what, as a general consensus, the unhealthy choices are literally not worth it – not just because they are unhealthy but also because they are kind of gross!!



One Drive-Thru, Two Dinners & Three (& a half) Melt-Downs

2 Apr

I may not be good at being healthy, but I am determined to be “good” at being honest about it. When you read the title of this post, I think you pretty much know where this is going…

 But first, let’s look back in time…to a time not-that-far away, when I was in college.

When I was in college I discovered what people meant when they claimed the “freshman 15”. & since my “freshman 15” was actually more like the “freshman 30”, I quickly realized that I had fully embraced a little thing called…emotional eating. Anyone else hear me on that?

 & as most of us know, the more you eat unhealthy, greasy, junk food – the more you want it. Every. single. day. I had to own this new found problem about my second year in and was able to get myself to a weight that I could be comfortable with & maintain. Now, this little trouble-maker (I’m talking emotional eating) ESPECIALLY crept in during a specific week of the month, if you’re following me here. Times that I wanted quick satisfaction for my cravings of either sweets or greasy grease (classic me, always trying to clog my arteries). Every once in a while, even now, this serious draw just hits me out of nowhere. Most of the time it is when I am:

  • Exhausted
  • Not feeling well
  • Feeling emotional or down
  • Have cravings on top of cravings
  • &, of course, am by myself.

 Now let’s fast forward to a time….a time much closer…a time some of us might call…last Thursday.

 Last Thursday wasn’t pretty. My hormone levels were turning me into a looney & my mood was swinging this way and that. If I had to sum it up, I would say I was exhausted, not feeling well, feeling emotional/down, having cravings on top of cravings, and, of course, I was by myself.

 Yes, last Thursday, much to my demise… this happened. There I was, having been shopping in Target for two hours trying to find something…ANYTHING…for my husband’s Easter basket when it happened. Out of nowhere, as if I got hit by a bus, there it was. A craving so strong that it was all I could think about. My stomach was growling. I felt like I could burst into tears at any moment. My body was aching. Every aisle I perused was filled with delicious forms of Easter candy, cookies, chips, the works.

 & then I remembered what waited for me outside of Target. That’s right. Arby’s. And what is so great about Arby’s you might ask? A milkshake. & what about the milkshake? Jamocha. They have a Jamocha milkshake. It is delicious. It is wonderful. It is the perfect blend of really cheap coffee and chocolate flavoring & ice-cream. It is one dollar – a true value.

So, I practically sprinted to my car… zoomed across the parking lot… and bam. In a matter of seconds I had a value Jamocha shake with two greasy counterparts. I parked my car under the shade and I enjoyed every. single. bite. Or sip as the case may be.

Satisfied, I began my quest home. The further I drove, the worse I felt. I mean – really? Did that just happen? & as I got home and walked in the front door, it happened. Meltdown number one. Don’t worry – it was short & I quickly recovered. I sat for a few minutes thinking about all the unhealthy food I had just consumed and in a sort of “aww, man” way, began stomping up stairs to put on my tennis shoes to go try to work it off. That’s when I felt the tears coming on again – my face crouching up in that less-then-attractive way to prepare for what was sure to be an ‘ugly cry’. But before it could reach full form, I got a text message asking if I had dinner plans. I mean… no. I didn’t have plans. To eat dinner…tonight…or ever again, really. BUT, I mean, why not have some company?

So I tossed my tennis shoes away & off I went to join family. Have I mentioned that I love Mexican food? Yes. I do. I love Mexican food. & in case it isn’t obvious…. we went to a Mexican restaurant. By the time we were ready to order, it had been 2 and a half hours since my drive-thru incident and I started to feel a little hungry. & by hungry, I mean that I started to really, really want some Mexican food.

At the end of my fingertips waited queso, guacamole, salsa & sour cream – the perfect combination to shovel into my mouth by way of chip. & then out came the dinner that I had ordered. Right… my second dinner. Luckily, I split this with Matt who had met us at the restaurant. But still, I didn’t even stop to think as I enjoyed my chicken enchilada covered in, well, queso. With beans & rice on the side. Oh my dear. Delicious, I tell you.

On the ride home, however, it came. Meltdown number two. It was one of those times where you have a huge lump in your throat and feel the tears swelling, but in an attempt to avoid it you stare out the window at a complete 90 degree angle so no one will notice (no one being Matt as he was the only other person in the car). Once the question is asked, however, there is no going back. “Are you okay?” he asked as he put his hand on my shoulder… & at that moment I filled the car with my wailing, shortness of breath, & tears. Why? No apparent reason. It just happened. I’m not proud but let’s all move on.

So into the house we went, I was feeling much better. So good, in fact, that I remembered the Snickers Easter egg I had slipped into my basket while at Target earlier…before my drive-thru incident. I quickly shuffled through the bags to find it, ripped it open and took a bite. Oh my dearness – the perfect combination of chocolate, peanuts & caramel that filled my mouth. “Here! Take a bite!” I exclaimed as I held the chocolate egg out to Matt. “No thanks”, he said, as he politely declined & then offered me a reminder of my health goals and results – you know… the accountability that I have been asking for. And then, there it was. Meltdown number 3 – a sort of angry meltdown. The kind you get when you feel embarrassed and “called out”. “Fine!” I said, as I chucked the remaining egg in the trashcan and ran up the stairs sobbing. Yikes.

I knew how silly I was acting. & you know what I mean when I say “silly”. That night, after a good hug from my hubby, I toppled into bed feeling both physically & emotionally exhausted.

Although I had a healthy morning & afternoon, my whacked out evening landed me at 53 points for the day (my daily allotment being 29). & since I skipped the gym, I only worked out 4 times this week (even though this is still within my “plan”, I would prefer to work out more than that in one week).

As I said before – last Thursday wasn’t pretty. Especially the mascara that was repeatedly smeared all over my face. BUT I woke up the next morning, focused on healthy eating & got in a really great work out that night. It doesn’t quite erase my Thursday but it did make me feel a teensy bit better about it. In any case, I am exhausted just thinking about it & I can tell this is going to be a lonnnng journey!



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Weekend Oops

26 Mar

Okay, you guys. I know one of the purposes of this blog is to keep me accountable. So, that means I get to post about how well I am doing…but that I also have to share when I’m not doing so well

Let’s just go ahead and say it.

This weekend was a bust.

I “tried” but at the end of the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) I had successfully gone over my point allowance EVERY day. In total, I used 16.5 extra points. Now, I know you have your weekly “bonus” points and all…for days you want indulge a little but I know you are all thinking it (and so am I)…YIKES!

You see what happened was….

We ate out a lot.

So for lunch on Friday, Matt & I were craving one of our favorite little pizza places for lunch near work. It was Friday…it was payday…Why not? I knew it would be high in points but I chose healthy snacks and planned to eat a low-point dinner. So off for pizza we went – We didn’t order our usual garlic knots & I took about 3 sips of my soda before deciding it wasn’t really worth it (it comes with the lunch special). Still, with those cautious choices, pizza is not “cheap” (I talk about WW+ points like they are money – get on board). In any case, I chose to eat it. It was delicious. It was worth it… until dinner came around.

Friday night we had a delicious dinner with family at Longhorn’s. Maybe I am just a looney, but I thought that the baked parmesan crusted chicken breast would be an okay choice (I was choosing blindly, y’all). Why, you ask? Because I know that when we make baked chicken breast at home and we use a Kraft Fresh Take packet (that ALSO includes bread crumbs & parmesan cheese), it “costs” me about 6 points. Well this little gem of a chicken breast (and I am not going to lie – it was AMAZING), took 13 points. THIRTEEN! & that wasn’t even the whole entrée because it came with not one but TWO chicken breasts. Fortunately, I cannot think of a single instance where I would need to eat two chicken breasts all to myself so I didn’t have to count 26 points for chicken. Luckily, I had veggies as my side & I peeled off the cheese topping… or I would have really been sorry. & thank goodness I only took a small taste of the dessert we ordered. It was truly calling my name but I knew it couldn’t be pretty. Did you know that their little dessert sampler (that is supposed to serve two but in our case it served about 3 each) “costs” 46 points? Wowweyy!

Then, we were out of town for the weekend so we ate out a lot…some more.

Between dinner & breakfast…and two unplanned and unfortunate trips to Taco Bell (where I did choose as wise as you could considering)… I just went overboard. Oh. And since we are being honest… did you know that a SMALL frosty from Wendy’s is 8 points? EIGHT! That’s, like, an entire meal! I did choose veggies as sides when I could and picked entrees I thought were healthier than what I would typically choose (i.e. an omelet over eggs benedict). HOWEVER, restaurants really know how to trick you into eating worse than you should have, am I right?

Oh, and did I mentioned that I only ate 1/4 of a biscuit? You know biscuits, the other love of my life –Yeah, those. One fourth. Half of a half. As I whined a bit over the biscuit I was so close to enjoying (but didn’t), Matt whispered “Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels” (gotta love Pinterest, am I right?). I promptly responded “That’s not true. This biscuit tastes as good. This biscuit tastes BETTER.”

So there you have it. I said it out loud. It’s out in the open.

& how do I feel about it, you ask?

First, gross. I know I didn’t go THAT crazy (I mean, it could have been worse, right?), but after calculating my points and knowing I wasn’t eating as healthy as I have been the last week & a half or so, I felt just…gross. Like, in a “did you notice how tight my pants are?” way.

& secondly, I feel like I just want to eat whatever I want again! How is that possible, right? That I simultaneously feel gross AND feel like I want to eat foods that make me feel gross. When we got home last night, it took serious self-control not revert to my old ways… and eat a small salad for dinner instead. And in case you were wondering if I have any desire to go to the gym (even though I have only had one day of rest this weekend & still managed to work out the other two), the answer would be a big, fat NOPE.

If it weren’t for the fact that the whole world is counting on me, I might would just eat ice-cream for dinner and go to sleep at 7:30 PM tonight. So thanks to you all for reading along as I share my eating habits from the weekend, as icky as they may be.

Here’s to never eating a frosty again! Kidding.


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Healthy Eating: Fish Creations Mahi Mahi

18 Mar

Something I am learning about healthy eating is that it takes effort and planning. If you don’t plan ahead and stock the kitchen with the right ingredients, it makes it really easy to just heat up a frozen pizza or pick up dinner to-go.

Matt and I have some new recipes to try this week that I will share with you all (some healthy alternatives to family favorites), but for now I wanted to share an easy-to-prepare meal that we ate last week. We decided to try these because they were BOGO at Publix and it is nice to keep it on hand for nights when you can’t get to the grocery store or don’t have time to cook (or just don’t feel like it)!

New Image

This brand offers other types of fish (we have salmon in our freezer to try soon) but based on the nutrition facts provided, one filet of the Mahi Mahi is only 3 WW+. It took about 25 minutes to cook in the oven (no thawing necessary). I thought it was tasty & we coupled ours with steamed green beans & a side salad.

New Image2

So there you have it – not ALL healthy meals require a lot of planning and prep work!

Two Things

14 Mar

First: Thank you!

Wow! I am overwhelmed by all of the positive feedback and encouragement I have received after my first post yesterday. I hope you all will continue to follow me on this journey & leave me any suggestions, questions or advice you may have in response to my future posts! Woohoo!

This blog has ALREADY helped to motivate me. I know this is pathetic but last night (you know, my very first day on this journey) I was just dreading going to the gym. I even took my temperature hoping to have a fever so I COULDN’T go – How stinkin’ sad is that? It is so typical of the busy lifestyle, am I right? I got home from working all day, I was tired & my head was killing me. All I wanted to do was dive onto the couch, turn my brain off & turn my favorite show on (with maybe some cheez-its or chocolate to snack on).

BUT knowing that I had all of you rooting for me kept me focused and motivated. – I whined to Matt: “I HAVE to go. The whole world is counting on me!!” Okay, I know, not the whole world but just humor me, here. So go I did.

Second: Tuesday vs. Wednesday

I wanted to share below some of the differences I noticed between Tuesday (my last day of eating like a heifer) & Wednesday (my first day of getting healthy). Now please keep in mind that my Tuesday eating habits were especially unhealthy and not typical, however, it will prove my point just fine:

Tuesday Breakfast: Wednesday Breakfast:
Starbucks bottled mocha Frappuccino
Bacon, egg & cheese biscuit 
Quaker maple & brown sugar oatmeal


Tuesday Lunch:  Wednesday Lunch:
Libretto’s pizza (with pineapple & ham)
Small side salad (with ranch dressing)
Cherry Coke (with a refill)
Garlic Knots 
Baked chicken breast (with Kraft Fresh Take coating)
Steamed broccoli & Carrots
Natural Applesauce Cup


Tuesday Snacks: Wednesday Snacks:
At work: Approximately 6 bite-sized pieces of candy
After work: Peterbrooke chocolate covered popcorn & a chocolate covered Oreo 
At work: Banana
Afterwork: Strawberries


Tuesday Dinner:  Wednesday Dinner:
12 pieces of Publix sushi (with soy sauce & spicy sauce)  Panera Pick-2 –
Half Greek salad
Half smoked turkey sandwich (no condiments) 


Tuesday Dessert:  Wednesday Dessert:
Wait for it…. not one, but TWO Klondike bars (Yikes!)  Nada

 & to top it all off, I was able to fit in 35 minutes of cardio (Elliptical) before having to leave for dinner plans, which I feel is a good start:workout


Wednesday Weight Watchers Summary:

wednesday ww2

& just for fun (or embarrassment, depending on how you look at it), here is what my WW total would have been on Tuesday (just a rough estimate):

tuesday ww2

Oh my goodness – I am burying my face right now!!

Precisely why beginning this journey has arrived just on time! Thank you for reading along! 🙂

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13 Mar

Hi! Thank you for joining me on this journey!

As many of you know, I got married one year ago to the man of my dreams! & I felt and looked great that day (I mean, let’s be honest).

Although this first year of marriage has been the best time of my life, I gained weight like many people do during their first year of marriage – & I’m not talking a few pounds. Now, I am not going to give you my digits quite yet but I will tell you that I gained 40 pounds in one year. 40 pounds! With my 5’3” height, let’s just say my BMI isn’t the prettiest little number you ever did see.

So now that I have made the commitment to get healthy, I am hoping that I will be back to my wedding day body (or better, even!) this time next year when we celebrate our second wedding anniversary.

I am sure my path to becoming healthy will change as I learn what works for my body and what doesn’t, but to start, here are my goals: 

  • Weight Watchers Points Plus – to help guide healthy eating and portion sizes
  • Exercise a minimum of 4 times a week & a maximum of 6 times a week


Today is Day #1 – Wish me luck!


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Love Birds

Highschool Sweethearts to Newlyweds: A glimpse into our journey together