I’m Back!

20 Jun

I’m back!

Whoa, guys. I cannot believe how long of a ‘sabbatical’ I have taken from my journey. Here is a little re-cap of what has been going on…

You see what happened was…

Week 8:
I completed successfully (but just forgot to post about) & I lost 1 more pound! That put me at the 10 pound marker which was a great accomplishment.

Week 9:
This week pretty much got thrown out the window in regards to getting healthy. It was the week before our big trip with lots of “to-do’s”, I had come down with a virus, & I was also hosting a Mother’s Day brunch that weekend… so I could ramble on and on the list of excuses but if you want to know what happened – life happened.

Week 10 & Week 11 (and part of Week 12):
We were on a super exciting trip to JAPAN! We had a wonderful, wonderful time. Although I wasn’t eating a very healthy diet, we were doing TONS of walking (and even hiking). When we got back & I weighed myself, I weighed exactly the same as I did when we left – looks like all the walking and all the eating cancelled each other out! Hey, I’ll take it!

Week 12 & Week 13:
This is where things start to go downhill…. It started off with the excuse of “getting over jetlag” (I’m not sure that it is entirely classified as an excuse, however, because I was exhausted!)…

Then I thought to myself “Self, not only are you exhausted due to jetlag but you are re-entering reality. You need to give yourself a break, let your body recover & then worry about working out and eating healthy”.

And then I said, “Self, there is a tropical storm. It’s raining. You can’t work out in the rain. You can’t eat healthy in the rain – come on, get real!”

& then I said “Self, you are PMSing… you can’t possibly expect to start eating healthy at a time like this! I mean, have you seen how scrumptious that Snickers bar looks?”

Yeah. That happened.

Week 14:
Week 14 started on Wednesday, 6/12. It would have been a great time to re-engage in this effort but, you see, we left to go out of town the next day. Matt was in a (beautiful) wedding in West Palm Beach and we left that Thursday for the festivities.

On the following Monday I thought… “Self, you organize your “getting healthy” weeks from Wednesday to Wednesday… Monday is a terrible time to re-start. Let’s take this opportunity to get in two more days of carbs & sweets in the form of over-consumption… right? riiiiiiiight?”

Week 15:
So that brings me to now….


I have officially fallen off the band-wagon and let’s count it up… I have been on this ‘sabbatical’ almost as long as I have been on this journey. Crap.

Imagine where I would be if I hadn’t taken so much “time off”. And here is the extra bad news… Although I weighed the same when we got back from our trip (in the middle of week 12), these additional weeks of eating poorly and not hiking around Japan have, well, caught up to me. Double crap.

So not only have I missed a chunk of time on this journey (okay, we’re all thinking it – let’s just say it – six. six weeks.), I have also managed to gain back 5 pounds (and I’m sure lost a bit of muscle too). Please say it isn’t so.

So I am entering Week 15 with a loss of only 5 pounds… and just typing out that statement makes me want to forget it. As much as I want to “throw in the towel”, I want to “throw in” these ‘fat pants’ even more – SO, although it feels a lot like starting from the beginning, here we go again! & as much as I really don’t want to be – I’m back!



2 Responses to “I’m Back!”

  1. Amanda Smith June 20, 2013 at 4:27 pm #

    Welcome back. Pleaes dont get down on yourself, not all if lost. You have to remember that journeys are not all down hill, there will be some bumps, the main thing is that you keep on the going. You asked me a while ago how long it took me to get to the point of losing 40lbs & I didnt want to share for several reasons but now I will, it has taken me since Jan 2013. BUT I have not been actively engaged the whole time. I lost about 30 lbs in the frist 7 months of my jouney & things slowed down a lot for me, I started focusing on strength training, making different goals, life got in the way, on & on, but I never let myself slide backwards too far before at least keeping up with a maintaining status. I maintained/platued/fluctuated at the same point up until about 2-3 months ago. I didnt just fall off the wagon during this time, I still maintained going to the gym, still ate okay (not great), but I just didnt have that motivation needed to actually lose weight. I did how ever work on other things, like gaining muscle or working towards a race or challenge, and if weight loss came with it then all the better. I recently got bit by a motivation bug and am actively trying to lose weight again, so maybe this time I will make it to my goal weight, but if not it is not a failure. I have accomplished SO many things to be overly proud of myself for: I enjoy the gym (not everyday, but most), going to the gym has become normal/routine for me, eating healthy is a lot easier, I have ran a 5K race & did a 3.5 mile mudrun, I have muscle definition, on & on I dont continue to bore you, lol. My point is that your journey needs to be filled with ups and downs in your weight loss as well as other goals besides just weight loss helping you change your lifestyle for good & not just lose weight this one time in your life. You want to keep it off & to be able to live without feeling like you are in a war with it everyday. I pray for strenght, motivation & sucess for you all the time & will do anything I can to assist or help you. One little suggestion to think about though, counting every week in numbers (wk 1, wk 5, wk 15 now) may be discouraging, you are not on a hard time limit on when you having to lose this weight or else, & seeing a particular week compared with a pounds lost can and will get really discouraging, especially if you hit a long platue or take a few more keeps ‘off’. Dont beat yourself up. I think wk counting if you are counting down or up to something (running a race,a workout challenge) you actually have physical control over – you dont have full control on how many pounds you will lose each week, all you can do is the best you know how and hope your body is kind to you, but you can physically challenge yourself to do 30 push-up each day for 30 days or 25 workouts in a month, ect. Sorry for rambling, but I hope something said encourages you, great luck this week!

    • ashleyfurlong June 26, 2013 at 12:54 pm #

      Thanks so much, Amanda! I am just now seeing your comment (not sure why I didn’t get a notification 🙂 ) and it is definitely encouraging! This week has not been great with exercising but I have done really well getting back to healthy eating & I have also been doing 100 squats a day (thanks to you!). So there is a start. I agree that counting the weeks can be discouraging at times (especially right now)… but I do like to keep a chart so I can see how I am staying on track to reach my goals. I am proud of you for working so hard and continuing to work toward your goals even when you weren’t feeling motivated! That is the hardest for me which is where I’m at right now – I want to get the weight off but I am to a point of feeling like “oh well – this is just how it’s going to be”, which is obviously discouraging. I hope you are having a great week working out and getting strong (and even losing weight too)! I am going to keep up with my healthy eating and my goal will be to get to the gym as this new week starts – *sigh* But seriously – thank you!!! 🙂

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