What I Learned This Weekend

23 Apr

Hi guys!

I have been slacking on my updates this past week but I have a good reason – it was my birthday! & if you know anything about me, you know I LOVE birthdays & you know I require a full week of celebrating!

I will combine my week 5 & week 6 reviews in a post later this week but I wanted to share with you all something I learned about my body this weekend.

Since it was my birthday and since my hubby took me out of town for a long weekend, I decided to “give myself a break” in regards to counting points and exercising (I mean, who wants to work out while they are away on a weekend getaway?). I feel okay about this because I decided it in advance (although this little “break” did last a wee bit longer than intended) and I was careful to pack healthy snacks to take with us (to avoid the munchies). I also only ‘indulged’ about half of the time, being sure to only choose the less-healthy options when I really, really wanted them. In addition to that, I typically only ate half of a meal at any time. Although this will mean I won’t meet my weekly work out goal (a minimum of 4 times a week – I will actually go only once this week – yikes!), it is okay because I had a wonderful time celebrating my old-age! 😉

So what did I learn, you might wonder? A few of things.

1. Greasy food is…Greasy

It turns out I don’t really care for my food to be covered in grease – something I didn’t really notice before I started this journey (almost 6 weeks ago!). You might remember me mentioning that I was craving a burger. Not a nasty drive-thru burger but a good, juicy burger from a restaurant. I resisted time after time because they are high in points and not a very healthy choice.

Thursday for lunch we kicked off my long birthday-weekend by going to lunch. There on the menu I saw a burger with goat cheese and avocado – yum! It was my birthday, after all, so I indulged and ordered it. I was so excited! Out it came – it looked great…. But after a few bites I set it down and pushed my plate away. Gross. It was so greasy.

& the French fries… I LOVE French fries (let’s be honest, I love potatoes in any form) – also greasy. I had two or three and didn’t touch them again.


I thought it might just be the restaurant we were at but I am realizing that isn’t true. A few nights before, I had counted my points just right to allow myself to have tostadas for dinner from TJ Flats. Guess what? They were greasy. And while were away for the weekend, we shared some chips & guacamole and the chips (I think we know where this is going) were also greasy.

It is almost as if my body is hyper-sensitive to greasy foods. Although, at first, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t like the burger I had been craving for weeks… I am realizing that this is actually a good thing. That means I have been avoiding these types of foods for long enough that my body would prefer healthy choices instead! I certainly won’t be ordering a burger, like, ever again.

2. Sweet treats are…Sweet

This is not as strong of an aversion as the greasy foods, but MAN – some of the sweets I used to love are just so, so sweet that I can hardly stand it. For instance, my very favorite drink at Starbucks used to be a white mocha with whip. Don’t look it up – it’s horrible. Over time I have transitioned my go-to drink to a tall, non-fat caramel latte. 4 beautiful points.

When I decided to “treat” myself to my white mocha, I realized that it was…um…disgusting.  I was shocked. It is literally so sweet that I cannot get it down without making a scrunched up face – and cannot even think about drinking more than a sip.

The same is true of other sweet treats – although certainly not all of them as I still have a mega sweet tooth.

3. Healthy choices are…Delicious

Although I had given myself permission to enjoy some of my favorites over the long-weekend, I found that usually 2 out of 3 meals I picked items that are point-friendly – items that I would normally pick on the days that I am focusing on healthy eating.

Why? I found myself afraid to order anything I used to “love” because I was repeatedly disappointed & the healthier choices that I was used to choosing were, well, better. Is your jaw dropping? Mine is. I even said several times over the weekend how much I wanted a salad or some broccoli – as if my body was craving the nutritious veggies it was used to eating.

& while we are at it, some of the portions that restaurants give you are huge! & I used to eat the entire thing! Since I have changed my eating habits, I am realizing that I get full much faster AND I have no desire to eat past that point.

4. Some foods are…Always Good

I think it’s important that I put this disclaimer out here. Although a lot of the foods I thought I would like turned out to be a huge disappointment after eating healthier for these last 6 weeks, other foods are STILL delicious. Like pizza from Lazy Moon (a favorite Orlando pizza-place). It’s delicious and it always will be. Like the pumpkin bread from Starbucks – again, delicious.



SO – in a nutshell, what I learned is that as my body is getting healthier – I am preferring healthier options. & although there will always be those foods that I love no matter what, as a general consensus, the unhealthy choices are literally not worth it – not just because they are unhealthy but also because they are kind of gross!!




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