Healthy Eating: Zucchini Lasagna

8 Apr

Hi guys! I wanted to share a recipe with you that I think is a great alternative to a family favorite. I found this recipe for zucchini lasagna on Pinterest (which was pinned from It essentially cuts the pasta out of your typical lasagna recipe & replaces it with thinly sliced zucchini (which is also great if you have a wheat/gluten allergy). I personally LOVE zucchini (and love how versatile it is – you can put it in anything!) so this was not a stretch for us. If you are going to try this, I recommend following the recipe straight from, but here is an overview on how it’s done! (See below for my likes/dislikes of the recipe & the WW+ points)

 Start with making your sauce since it takes the longest. We used ground turkey instead of ground beef, so it was probably less points than the recipe indicates.


Next grill your zucchini slices. We used this grill pan instead of an actual grill. Worked like a charm. You will also need to salt the zucchini before grilling & will need to absorb any excess moisture with a paper towel.



Mix together your ricotta cheese mixture.


Begin layering in your pan, starting with your sauce on the bottom


Then your zucchini slices


Then your ricotta cheese mixture


& top with mozerella cheese. Repeat.


Top the final layer with mozerella & cover with foil to bake for 45 minutes at 350 degrees. Then for an additional 15 minutes uncovered.




This is about the size of 1/8 of the pan (which is one serving size). Yummy!


What I liked:

  • I loved the homemade sauce – it was easy and didn’t take too incredibly long but the flavor was amazing!!
  • I really liked the zucchini in place of the pasta – I actually liked it more! It was healthy, had good flavor, and I didn’t miss the pasta once.
  • I loved being able to enjoy a favorite meal without feeling guilty! It was delicious & smelled amazing!

What I didn’t like/What I will change next time:

  • It does take a long time to make (but totally worth it!). A good idea might be to make the sauce (whether you are using the sauce in the recipe or your own sauce) a day before – then it won’t take long to throw together at all. It also would have been faster if we had a mandoline to slice the zucchini but since we didn’t, we just used a knife & it worked just fine!
  • I felt like there was too much cheese! My hubby thought the cheese ratio was just perfect, so it might just be me as I am not a huge cheese-lover anyway. I ended up scraping about half of it off my piece – next time I won’t use as much on my half.
  • I didn’t think there was enough zucchini. We followed the recipe but their zucchinis must have been bigger than ours were. Next time we will probably use twice as much! Yum!

This recipe was 9 WW+ points for 1/8 of the pan, which I felt was a generous piece of lasagna. We partnered this with a small side salad & a large glass of water. & it made for great leftovers, too!

P.S. For spaghetti, I also subsitute spaghetti squash for the pasta. It is delicious, I promise! I actually prefer it now & would eat it even if I wasn’t on a quest to get healthy!


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