Weekend Oops

26 Mar

Okay, you guys. I know one of the purposes of this blog is to keep me accountable. So, that means I get to post about how well I am doing…but that I also have to share when I’m not doing so well

Let’s just go ahead and say it.

This weekend was a bust.

I “tried” but at the end of the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) I had successfully gone over my point allowance EVERY day. In total, I used 16.5 extra points. Now, I know you have your weekly “bonus” points and all…for days you want indulge a little but I know you are all thinking it (and so am I)…YIKES!

You see what happened was….

We ate out a lot.

So for lunch on Friday, Matt & I were craving one of our favorite little pizza places for lunch near work. It was Friday…it was payday…Why not? I knew it would be high in points but I chose healthy snacks and planned to eat a low-point dinner. So off for pizza we went – We didn’t order our usual garlic knots & I took about 3 sips of my soda before deciding it wasn’t really worth it (it comes with the lunch special). Still, with those cautious choices, pizza is not “cheap” (I talk about WW+ points like they are money – get on board). In any case, I chose to eat it. It was delicious. It was worth it… until dinner came around.

Friday night we had a delicious dinner with family at Longhorn’s. Maybe I am just a looney, but I thought that the baked parmesan crusted chicken breast would be an okay choice (I was choosing blindly, y’all). Why, you ask? Because I know that when we make baked chicken breast at home and we use a Kraft Fresh Take packet (that ALSO includes bread crumbs & parmesan cheese), it “costs” me about 6 points. Well this little gem of a chicken breast (and I am not going to lie – it was AMAZING), took 13 points. THIRTEEN! & that wasn’t even the whole entrée because it came with not one but TWO chicken breasts. Fortunately, I cannot think of a single instance where I would need to eat two chicken breasts all to myself so I didn’t have to count 26 points for chicken. Luckily, I had veggies as my side & I peeled off the cheese topping… or I would have really been sorry. & thank goodness I only took a small taste of the dessert we ordered. It was truly calling my name but I knew it couldn’t be pretty. Did you know that their little dessert sampler (that is supposed to serve two but in our case it served about 3 each) “costs” 46 points? Wowweyy!

Then, we were out of town for the weekend so we ate out a lot…some more.

Between dinner & breakfast…and two unplanned and unfortunate trips to Taco Bell (where I did choose as wise as you could considering)… I just went overboard. Oh. And since we are being honest… did you know that a SMALL frosty from Wendy’s is 8 points? EIGHT! That’s, like, an entire meal! I did choose veggies as sides when I could and picked entrees I thought were healthier than what I would typically choose (i.e. an omelet over eggs benedict). HOWEVER, restaurants really know how to trick you into eating worse than you should have, am I right?

Oh, and did I mentioned that I only ate 1/4 of a biscuit? You know biscuits, the other love of my life –Yeah, those. One fourth. Half of a half. As I whined a bit over the biscuit I was so close to enjoying (but didn’t), Matt whispered “Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels” (gotta love Pinterest, am I right?). I promptly responded “That’s not true. This biscuit tastes as good. This biscuit tastes BETTER.”

So there you have it. I said it out loud. It’s out in the open.

& how do I feel about it, you ask?

First, gross. I know I didn’t go THAT crazy (I mean, it could have been worse, right?), but after calculating my points and knowing I wasn’t eating as healthy as I have been the last week & a half or so, I felt just…gross. Like, in a “did you notice how tight my pants are?” way.

& secondly, I feel like I just want to eat whatever I want again! How is that possible, right? That I simultaneously feel gross AND feel like I want to eat foods that make me feel gross. When we got home last night, it took serious self-control not revert to my old ways… and eat a small salad for dinner instead. And in case you were wondering if I have any desire to go to the gym (even though I have only had one day of rest this weekend & still managed to work out the other two), the answer would be a big, fat NOPE.

If it weren’t for the fact that the whole world is counting on me, I might would just eat ice-cream for dinner and go to sleep at 7:30 PM tonight. So thanks to you all for reading along as I share my eating habits from the weekend, as icky as they may be.

Here’s to never eating a frosty again! Kidding.


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One Response to “Weekend Oops”

  1. Aubrey March 27, 2013 at 3:22 am #

    I’m pretty sure Frosties are made out of lard. Chocolate flavored lard.

    And I’m pretty sure cheesecake tastes better than being skinny feels. At least while I’m eating it. =)

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