Fitspiration: Reasons to Exercise

23 Mar


Happy Weekend! I meant to post this yesterday as motivation to help get you through your weekend, but just think of it as being fashionably late! Someone shared this with me this week and I thought it was a great way to stay focused and motivated on what is important to you about reaching your goals!

I hope you all can stay focused on your health goals this weekend. I know they are difficult for me – & it will be especially this weekend as we will be in Orlando (which I am super excited for)! I am thankful that I managed to get my tooshy to the gym this morning before leaving because shortly after, I had myself a little meltdown about how “my clothes don’t fit and I have nothing to wear” (don’t worry, my monthly meltdown came right on time – if you know what I mean) and it would have surely been a discouragement. I am serious, y’all, the pathetic sobbing – my poor hubby.

BUT – after some encouragement from my hubby & after re-reading this list of reasons to work toward my goals, I am re-focused and am looking forward to the day that I have nothing to wear because everything is falling off!

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